Eye Tests

“Why do I need a sight test when my vision is fine?”

The reason is simple, as you age your eyes are more susceptible to eye conditions such as Glaucoma and Cataract. Many eye conditions do not have any symptoms and do not become a noticeable problem until the condition is well established.

At Sightcare Opticians our qualified Optometrists will carry out a comprehensive 30 minute eye examination (adults and all new patients) which will include a full assessment of your ocular health, including a check for glaucoma & will tailor make a prescription for you to maximise your vision at all viewing distances.

What happens in an eye test?

When you come for your eye test please bring with you any glasses that you wear, the names of any tablets or medicine you are taking and the name of your doctor.

Our Eye Examination will usually include the following:

Discussion Regarding The Reason For Your Visit

It may be a routine eye test, you may have specific problems with your eyes and vision, or you may have been sent by your GP. Special demands on your eyes created by work and hobbies may also need to be addressed. We will also want to know about your general health and health of your family, including if someone in your family has an eye condition, such as glaucoma.

Checking Your Eye Sight

We will ask you to read letters on a chart. For those who are not able to read, we can use other tests such as identifying pictures or matching letters and pictures.

Checking Your Outer Eye

A light will be shone on the front of your eyes to check their health and how well your pupils react to light.

Checking Your Inner Eye

We use an ophthalmoscope to look into the eye through the pupil. The light of the ophthalmoscope will be shone into your eyes to check their health and you will be asked to look in different directions. This can enable us to detect diabetes, cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Checking Your Eye Muscles

We will also check that the muscles which control your eye movement are working well. If they are not working correctly you may get headaches and possibly double vision.

Checking To See If You Need Glasses

If you need glasses to improve your vision, we will work out exactly what prescription you need. Your prescription will determine the choice of frames and lenses.


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