Contact Lenses

Here at Sightcare Opticians we offer a full range of Contact Lenses to suit all prescriptions, even if you have a high prescription or wear varifocals and did not think you were able to wear Contact Lenses.

We offer a FREE TRIAL with all our Contact Lenses, so you have the opportunity to try them in your own time and at your own pace. Full training on how to insert, remove & care for your contact lenses will be provided by one of our specialist contact lens instructors before you take them away. Although we are sure you will never look back having tried Contact Lenses if you decide they are not for you then you walk away without paying a penny.

There are different types of Contact Lenses to suit your various needs:


Dailies are a great option for the occasional wearer as they can be worn for sport, on social or special occasions, such as weddings or holidays (so that you can wear those designer sunglasses you always wanted). We can even correct astigmatism using dailies or free you from varifocals or reading glasses.

For those of you who want the convenience of contact lenses without the hassle of cleaning them, dailies are the perfect option.

Over Night Wear Contact Lenses:

Have you ever considered Laser treatment but were too concerned about the discomfort and cost of having it carried out? Look no further than Over Night Wear lenses, these new breathable contact lenses may revolutionise your life. The lenses are designed to be inserted on day 1 and thrown away 31 days later, with out having to remove them. Now you can see where you are going in the middle of the night without having to reach for your glasses! These lenses are especially popular with people who work for the Armed Forces, Nurses or anyone who works through the night.

Do you wear Varifocals or Bifocals?

If yes, Contact Lenses will work for you too. There are several ways in which we can help you, from varifocal contact lenses to monovision, where one eye is corrected for distance and the other for near. It may sound strange but it works very well.

Ever thought of changing your eye colour?

Why not try our range of coloured contact lenses. They are available as dailies or monthly replacement.

Call in to book your Free Consultation with one of our Opticians who will be pleased to talk to you in detail about your Contact Lens needs.

If you join our Contact Lens scheme you will also receive the following benefits

  • 20% Discount on all prescription glasses
  • 10 % Discount on designer glasses
  • 10% off any other product we stock.
  • Unlimited Eye Examinations
  • Unlimited Contact Lens Checks
  • No Charge for Emergency Appointments


Prices From

Dailies (30 pairs)


Monthly (per month)


Multifocal (per month)


Colours - Dailies (10 lenses) / Monthly


£13 / £16



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